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Robot Power is dedicated to providing and supporting economical motor and motion control solutions for a wide variety industrial, research, and hobby applications. We offer off-the-shelf h-bridge motor controls for brushed DC motors from 6 Amps to 160 Amps. We also offer consulting services for custom solutions to meet your needs. Contact us if you don't see what you need. We're small enough to be responsive and experienced enough to give you a solid working solution to your control system problems.


12/30/14 - Scorpion XL v2.0. After many years and thousands of units shipped the Scorpion XL has been upgraded. The new unit features a switching power supply and DIP switches to set the options vs the jumpers used on the old unit. We've also switched to metal screw terminals to secure the motor and battery wires. Much stronger than the plastic terminals on the old unit. Please check the Web store to upgrade or buy new Scorpion XLs!

11/26/13 - VYPER VYPER VYPER!. After over a year of development the new Robot Power Vyper is finally available. This is our newest high-power H-bridge controller. Easily handling loads of over 120A this baby can rock your world! Please check the Web store to get you some of this now!

11/19/13 - NEW Lower Prices!. To better serve our customers we have lowered prices across the board. Same great made in the USA quality but now your dollar goes further. Please check the Web store to get you some savings!

06/15/13 - NEW Hydra available. The Hydra is a small three-channel motor control for small to medium sized loads. Each of its three channels will safely drive 6.5A of current at up to 28V. RC style servo control for easy interface to your radio gear or microcontroller.

03/05/12 - MegaMoto Plus available. This new version of our popular MegaMoto Arduino stacking shield offers over 2x the power handling of the original. Reduced pricing for the original MegaMoto in the Web store as well.

09/28/11 - Simple-H HV available. This new version of an old favorite allows up to 28V digital input signals to be used directly. Both the original 5V input version and the new HV are available. New pricing in the Web store as well.

12/1/10 - We are happy to announce our first product for the Arduino™ family of development boards. The MegaMoto is a 13A/30A peak H-bridge or dual half-bridge that stacks onto the shield headers of a standard Arduino or hardware compatible base. Up to three MegaMotos may be controlled by a single Arduino. Finally Arduino developers can handle some real power! Click for more

As of now all our electronic products are 100% designed and built in the USA. This means we have to charge slightly higher prices but we feel strongly that our quality is the best you can get.

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