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Robot Power is dedicated to providing and supporting economical motor and motion control solutions for a wide variety industrial, research, and hobby applications. We offer off-the-shelf h-bridge motor controls for brushed DC motors from 1.2 amps to 160 amps of robot motivating current. We also offer consulting services for custom solutions to meet your needs. Contact us if you don't see what you need. We're small enough to be responsive and experienced enough to give you a solid working solution to your control system problems.


09/06/22 - Scorpion CL: Robot Power is happy to announce the newest member of our long-running Scorpion family of dual-channel RC ESCs.  The Scorpion CL stands for Compact Low-profile.  This new unit is specifically designed to deliver a very compact and flat profile dual-mixing ESC for RC control of your high-performance robots.  The Scorpion CL also introduces our "Build your ESC" service to provide a finished ESC built to your exact specifications for power-side wire lengths, connectors and conformal coating for protection from the often harsh environment inside some robots.  These optional add-ons deliver a finished and ready to install ESC needing no soldering so you can spend more time driving.


08/24/21 - Power Supply Protector: Robot Power is happy to announce a unique new product family for protection of AC/DC power supplies while operating motor drives. Our PS Protector family works by blocking reverse current FROM the motor control back INTO the power supply which most power supplies cannot tolerate.  Visit the product family page for more details.  These products also work as a "Ideal Diode" between multiple power supplies or batteries for backup or hot-swapping purposes.


03/20/20 - Scorpion Nano: The Scorpion Nano is our smallest dual-channel motor control. Each of its two channels will safely drive 1.2A of current at up to 16V. Peak current is about 3A per channel. Each channel can be independently controlled or mixed for easy control of skid steer robots. The Scorpion Nano features current and temp limiting and easy radio calibration.



All our electronic products are 100% designed and built in the USA. This means we have to charge slightly higher prices but we feel strongly that our quality is the best you can get.

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